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Rather like bespoke tailoring, bespoke software is software that is tailor made for the client. It’s an exact fit with the client’s requirements, eliminating many of the compromises that are built into ‘Off the Shelf’ software.

The software can be developed to do exactly what the client requires, no need to accept the compromises of ‘Off-the-Shelf’ software applications.

Bespoke software can be based on your current working methods, thereby using terminology your staff are already familiar with, thereby reducing training times.

We develop software solutions that validate user input, thereby ensuring the data in your system is as accurate as possible and is able to produce reliable trusted outputs.

Bespoke software is adaptable, as your business evolves so can the software, building on your original investment, rather than starting over from scratch.

This means you can start by developing a bespoke software application that covers one area of your business, and expand this later to cover other areas.

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Why not buy off the Shelf?
Often there are Off-the-Shelf software solutions that achieve many of the requirements of individual companies, however there will normally be areas of operation that require the company to work differently, tailoring their business to the software available, rather than tailoring the software to there real business requirements.

Sometimes a good compromise can be achieved where a bespoke solution is used to ‘glue’ together different ‘Off-the-Shelf’ applications, however this is never the same as having a fully bespoke software solution developed from the ground up.

Office based applications
We develop office based applications to run on PCs powered by Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Our Web Based Applications can be assessed by different types of computers such as Apple computers, tablet devices, Smartphone’s.

We have the skills to undertake many types of office based applications, using many programming languages and technologies. However our specialist area is in the development of bespoke database solutions. Out database applications are usually based on Microsoft Access, these applications are professionally developed so that you, as the end user do not have to deal with any of the day to day operations of the underlying Access database, we present clean user interfaces that offer all the functionality you require, but importantly without any functionality that is not required that only serves to clutter the system and confuse the user.

Web based applications
Web applications are effectively websites that have programming functionality.

A typical example would be a site for booking hotels or flights.

However it is possible to build internet based solutions that are not for use by the general public, but for use by your organisation alone, this can be particularly practical if you have a sales force that are home based for example, or if you have staff that need to access your system from many different locations.

Office Based Applications verses Internet Based Applications
Plus points for Office based Applications

Easier development cycle
Usually simpler to develop than internet based applications

Lots of built in functionality in available in desktop based software such as Microsoft Access

Easier to modify and enhance than internet based applications

Easier to control who sees the application

Greater expected uptime
Generally more of the application is under the control of your organisation, and it is not susceptible to problems with internet connections, ISPs (internet service providers) and hosting issues.

No issues with cross browser compatibility

Easier to control the user interface, no option for users to press a back button or simply close their browser at an inappropriate moment, such as during an edit

Less people have access, so there are less possibilities for security violations than with internet based solutions

Minus points for Office based Applications

Less availability from different locations
Normally only accessible by your staff in a single location (it is possible to remotely access systems, but normally if this is required a web based solution is a better solution)

It is essential to have a regular backup routine to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. Most of our larger clients have IT departments who can deal with this, but for smaller businesses we can advise and install systems to undertake both local and offsite backups of your data.

Software costs
Can require purchase of software on a per desk basis

Plus points for Web Based Applications

Central point of data
All the data is available throughout your system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, everyone sees the same data; it’s all up to date!

Single point of update
When you require additions to your bespoke software web based application we only have to perform the update in one place, the web server, whereas with office based systems it can sometimes be necessary to update systems on all of your users PCs

No additional per desk software costs
Web based applications are accessed via a normal web browser, so there are no additional per desk software costs.

Minus points for Web Based Applications

Can slow down, as these systems run over the internet they are affected by internet traffic, broadband connections etc, and can sometimes suffer slowdowns, this can be guarded against by using powerful web servers on which to host the web applications, but nobody has complete control over the performance of the internet and performance cannot be guaranteed.

Complexity of development
The user interfaces are more difficult to develop, and therefore take more time, and for public facing websites the applications have to be compatible with a multitude of browsers.

As always there are increased security risks with internet based applications, we do our best to avoid security problems by using sophisticated programming, but as we are sure you are aware even some of the biggest organisations in the world have suffered from security breaches from time to time.

The best of both worlds from Bespoke Software Development
We have many years of experience in developing bespoke office based and internet based solutions.

We have developed many systems that embrace the plus points of both approaches, we have developed systems that whilst having an office based element, such as a database system, this can be linked to an internet site and the user can synchronise the data between the two with a click of the mouse.

Using this approach we can ensure that both the office based and internet based halves of the system undertake tasks best suited to thier environment, each system is different and we would be happy to discuss how we could produce a dual location syncronised system for your business.