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Initial discussions
This is normally triggered by a client receiving a recommendation from one of our existing clients or by finding our website when searching for a software development partner.

Initial discussions would normally be by telephone to establish what the client has in place at the moment and what they are hoping to achieve.

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Analysis of existing information
This takes the form of us looking at your existing paperwork in use in the area you would like to computerise, things like purchase orders, job sheets, emails you would like automated, or possibly looking at your existing systems. This can normally be undertaken remotely using software where we can view your computer screen, or in the case of a paper system we would request you send us copies via e-mail, or post.

Structuring Your Data
This stage involves us determining how to best structure your data so that there is no redundant data in your system, your system is fast, your data is accurate.

It is important at this stage to determine the type of output you may require from the system, files, e-mails, mail merge documents, reports etc. We must then ensure that we are capturing the correct data to make these outputs feasible.

Validation of data
If your system contains a database of any kind (most do) we need to ensure that the data being entered into the system is as accurate as possible, this is achieved by validating the data at the point of entry, this can be as simple as making sure a user has entered something into a required field, such as a client name, or can be highly complex and only allow certain things to be entered into the database based on complicated business rules.

Determining the location for your system
As you may have read on our What is bespoke software? page we develop software systems that can either be office based, internet based or a combination of the two. We need to consider the needs of your system, not only now but in the future to determine where it would be best located. We would take into consideration, where your users are situated, if you have any staff that work from home or other offices/out on the road?

We would discuss the functionality of any proposed system to ensure it moulds itself to your methods of working rather than the other way round. We provide systems that are very user friendly and are really easy to navigate. We use really world terminology in our user interfaces so users are presented with things they recognise such as a button that says ‘Print Purchase Order’ rather than ‘print data’ ‘send to printer’ etc. With that in mind we also leave a lot out, we only include enough links and buttons to undertake the tasks your users need to undertake, we do not clutter up the screen with all sorts of buttons and links that are really for our use as developers and of no interest to the end users. We believe in ‘keep it simple’

We normally develop software systems that are password protected and would contain a database of users and their passwords that would be maintained by you. We know that this is sometimes not applicable to small companies, but where systems are used by more than one or two people these staff members would likely have different roles and require different levels of access to the system.

Any multi-level access can be as deep as you like, but experience has shown us that normally it’s not necessary to go beyond three levels.

If you require an internet based system we do our utmost to make it as secure as possible, and we do offer ‘closed’ internet based system where only your staff have access from a file on their PCs, these systems cannot be accessed by a normal web browser thereby increasing security levels significantly.

We hope this page gives an overview of the processing involved in us understanding your needs and producing a system that fulfils them, we invite you to take a look at a small selection of the projects we have produced for clients in a wide range of industries on our Projects, comments and testimonials page.