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Dennis McDermott, who formed Bespoke Software Development Limited has worked in software development with some of the largest companies in the world (Allianz, ESAB, GEC-Marconi, Haymarket Publishing, Sea Containers), and on the contrary has worked with small one-man-band businesses. The same level of dedication is applied no matter the size of the business, we follow a 'right first time' attitude and like to document software requirements and designs well, because, if the documentation is correct, then correctly followed, you end up with a great product.

Below we list a brief summary of some of the companies that have undertaken software development for: See all of our testimonials

121 Fundraising Ltd.
Multiple Jackpot Analyser Project
The development of a system that performs cross checking to identify multiple jackpot liabilities across the range of permutations (of which there are 49 million). The system was developed in Microsoft Access and would perform the checking in a matter of minutes, compared to an alternative solution which required an overnight run.

The client was extremely pleased with the finished product.
301 Design Various database driven websites, including a website for Wisley Golf Club that synchronised data from their EPOS system at the golf club to the website at the click of a button.
ABS Wastewater Technology Ltd.
Service Order Management Scheduler
Prime areas of operation:
  • Import of information from Excel files, with user feedback.
  • Storage and reporting of Orders, Schedules and Completion information
  • One-click display of Order Details
  • One-click display of Purchase Orders
  • Easy administration of lookup data to ensure data integrity
The system was developed using Microsoft Access 2003, and installed on a file server to provide centralised availability to the data throughout the company.
Advice North Lincolnshire
Client Cases Database
Our client required a database system to record the meeting results with their clients in the form of cases; the client requested that the system followed the same branding guidelines as their existing website.

We used the logo from the client’s website and selected colours to match.

The system was created to run under Access 2013.

The database was provided as a split front-end/back-end solution.

Outputs take the form of Excel spreadsheets, again following the clients website in design and colouring. The basis from extracting the data for these spreadsheets was a number of queries, some are quite complex due to the dynamic data that can be selected from numerous drop-downs, the system has been developed so that the content of these drop downs is completely managed by an administrator on the client’s site. The system is programmed in such a way as to ensure there is no orphan data should an administrator try to delete a drop-down entry that is in use somewhere in the system.

Air Heating (Southern) Ltd.
I have completed many tasks for Air Heating (Southern) Ltd.
  • Networking their PC's in their new office in Basildon, Essex.
  • Configuring multiple e-mail accounts.
  • Providing support and advice in respect of Anti-Virus protection.
  • Providing image scanning facilities and document integration.
  • Providing support and advice in respect of data backup requirements.
  • Design and Programming of Air-Heating's website.

I have also designed and developed a database system in Microsoft Access, this database records details of all of Air Heating's service agreements, detailing engineer responsible, parts required and records of equipment servicing. The system includes reports based on user selection criteria which make its use intuitive.
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Web based database system
Development of an internet based database system to allow the client to record media information from various offices around the world. All data is available to staff members in real time.
Almond Art
Database conversion and enhancements
Undertook the conversion of a database developed in Microsoft Access 97 to Microsoft Access 2003. After conversion many enhancements were made in respect of layout and functionality.
Alpha Impact Ltd.
Development of databases and a synchronised database driven website
Development of database systems to hold information regarding local veterinary professionals, as well as a database that holds details of locum job vacancies.

Development of a database driven website that integrates and synchronises data with the above mentioned databases, as well as having its own back end content management system, also developed by us.
Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals
Equipment Loan Database
I was contacted by a representative of Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals to design and develop an 'Equipment Loan Database'. The representative was from a department which loans medical equipment to other departments within the hospitals and this database system was required to store, report, and monitor information pertaining to those equipment loans.
Bruce Burlington & Co. Ltd.
Pricelist Production System
This system produces pricelists for the client, the data for the pricelists is held in a UNIX system, which produces fixed width textual output files, these files are imported into the Pricelist Production System which provides extensive facilities to customise the pricelists produced. The pricelists are printed with user selectable images for product group as well as user entered blocks of descriptive text.
Cachet (London) Ltd.
Order Processing System
We undertake the maintenance of this old system created using Clipper, this system provides many challenges as operating systems evolve, in particular concerning the mapping of printers across a modern network to operate with this legacy MS DOS system.
Camping La Corconne
Creation of a Campsite website
The client owns a campsite situated in the south of France. This project was challenging due to the fact that the client had a requirement for the website to operate in four languages, English, Dutch, French and German.
Canon Consumer Imaging
Client Database
This system was developed in Microsoft Access to hold details of all of Canon Consumer Imaging's clients. The system has very versatile reporting facilities allowing the client to produce bespoke reports at the click of a button. The system also provides the facility to output data in CSV (Comma Separated Values also known as Comma Delimited) files for use in Microsoft Excel and other systems.
Careys Private Hire
Sideways Scrolling Website
The client, a private hire company specialising in airport transfers both for public and business clients required something a little different. A simple but effective website with a novel sideways scrolling operation.
Dartford Council
File System Navigation System
A system that navigates a directory structure seeking Microsoft Word and Excel files. Upon finding such files, sets the custom properties of the file based on its location within the file system.

The purpose of this exercise was to gather data for use with the councils SharePoint services.
Disabled Living Foundation
Flexible Handout Production System
The Disabled Living Foundation approached us to develop a database system that could interact with their existing Excel data and provide a quick and easy way to produce tailored handouts to their clients based on their individual needs.
Talent Management Database
ESAB had a requirement to develop a talent management profiles database for use in the human resources department. The client knew Microsoft Access and believed that was the right tool for the job, however the requirement was a little too complicated for the client to tackle themselves.
Excel IT Ltd.
Works Request Database System
Development of a works requests database system, the company were using Excel to track their work requests and had realised that a 'proper' database was required.

The system was written in Microsoft Access, and runs on a server to provide centralised access to the data throughout the organisation.
  • Holds data relating to engineers, suppliers and customers.
  • Uses the above stored data to provide engineer, supplier and customer information to the main works requests data table.
  • Produces small order works request with a single click.
  • Includes comprehensive report selection criteria.
  • Dynamically calculates profit/loss in both monetary and percentage terms.
Fleetwood Building and Maintenance
Job Sheet System
Development of a database system to replace their current method of working which involved the use of Excel spread sheets.

The day to day production of job sheets and reporting to their client was becoming more and more difficult to undertake using these spread sheets.

Two of the main advantages of the new system is the fact that it is multi user and that it automates and controls the processing of Job Sheets and reports.
GAP Photos
Database Conversion - Online Payment Integration
The conversion of the clients back end databases from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL, this brought about immediate benefits in speed and reliability.
The integration of Sagepay into the clients website.
Gites in the Languedoc
Dual Language Website
Development of a dual language French/English website to publicise the client's gîtes in the South of France.
Haymarket Publishing
Online Data Entry System
This system was created to enable Haymarket Publishing staff to enter data remotely using only a browser.

This data relates to Haymarket Publishing's Management Today publication.

This approach provides a very cost effective method of data collection as each user does not require expensive desktop software.

  • Secure logon facility.
  • Flexible searching facilities.
  • Recording of who added records, as well as when they were added or last updated.
  • Tri-Level data validation.
  • Database download facility to enable in-house data analysis without the need for users to master the complexities of FTP.
Hiltongrove Audio Bank
Audio Bank System
This system was created to enable Hiltongrove Multimedia to provide an Audio Bank System to their clients.

Audio track information is held in a local database system, this was developed using Microsoft Access.

The audio track information is uploaded to the website to enable clients to log on and create orders by selecting tracks and arranging them into a number of CDs.

  • Secure logon facility.
  • Flexible searching facilities.
  • Versatile track selection and manipulation.
  • Dynamic display of times of selected tracks.
  • Creation of HTML e-mails to client and Hiltongrove Multimedia.
Hiltongrove Business Space
Property Management System
This system comprises a public facing website to present the various business properties Hiltongrove have available for rent.

The system also includes an all-embracing data maintenance suite for undertaking the administration of data relating to numerous properties/tenants, the system has multi-level security facilities and data analysis options. Dynamic graphing facilities produce graphs directly from data in the back end database.
Lansbury International
Invoice Printing Application
Lansbury International contacted me to ask if I could create an application that would provide pre configured details to be printed onto multi-part stationary. The client needed to be able to modify what information is available to staff using the system while maintaining a level of control over what appeared on the invoices.

This was achieved using Access to hold tables of information used to populate text boxes and drop down combo boxes which appear on the invoice printing form. The invoice printing form provides tick boxes for the user to select which parts of the information shall appear on the printed invoice, it also allows the entry of some costs, while other costs come directly from the back-end data tables.

The application calculates costs on the invoice by multiplying each line item cost by quantity supplied, and then calculates totals taking the selected rate of VAT into account. The invoice report was provided to the client in such a way that permitted them to make minor adjustments to the positioning of all the printed elements, thereby ensuring pixel perfect alignment using the clients own printer.
Marie-Louise von Motesiczky
CD-ROM based image viewer to display the paintings of Marie-Louise von Motesiczky
This system was developed to enable the trust to distribute examples of the artist Marie-Louise von Motesiczky's paintings for exhibition selection.

The pictures were supplied in jpg format, I created a thumbnail image for display in the main list, each image popped up its associated full size image by clicking a link.

The associated data, owner, size, title etc. was extracted from a database. I wrote a SQL query in Access that produced the body of the main page.

The fact that this application had to be distributed on a CD ruled out the use of ASP with a back end database, with that in mind the system was created using standard HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then burnt to CD-ROMS that were configured to auto run on insertion.
1000 Faces of Walthamstow Website
I worked in collaboration with metacosm on the creation of this site.

My involvement included adding the data driven elements to the site.

I coded the features to allow the browsing by images with next and previous functionality in a grid format, each thumbnail image is clickable and when clicked will display a larger image. Browsing by names, with dynamic alphabetic pick list. Name Search, displaying results as name and clickable thumbnail image.

I also provided a mechanism for the client to be able to easily update the data and images from which the site is derived, as well as creating the XML data file for driving the Slideshow.
Metal Cleaning UK Ltd.
Standish Metal Treatment Ltd.
Job Tracking System
The prime purpose of the system was to record details of Metal Cleaning UK & Standish Metal Treatment 'jobs'.

Prime areas of operation:
  • Storage and reporting of Quality Control measurement data.
  • Storage and reporting of Paint Thickness Measurements.
  • Production of Advice/Delivery notes.
  • Production of Invoices.
  • Creation of Purchase Orders.
  • Recording of Enquiries/Contracts.
  • Production of Quotations.
  • Production of Job Programme Sheets.
The system was written in Access 2003, and runs on a server to provide centralised access to the data throughout the organisation.
Midaye Somali Development Network
Support recording and reporting system
Development an Access database system for recording all contact with clients to a level of detail that would enable the undertaking of statistical analysis of the services offered.
Moving Ahead Online Ltd.
Conveyancing Synchronisation System
MHOL were manually updating their website with conveyancing details and as their business was growing this was becoming impractical. The company decided to install a proprietary case management system. My task was to synchronise the data within the in-house case management system with the companies existing website.
Portable Database
I have completed a number of small projects for Pepperneck's client, Filtermist. The most recent was the creation of a portable Access application to allow field staff to have up to date information regarding their many installations.
Story Editing System
Pro-Talk are a UK-based internet publishing company which produces several email newsletter and web site combinations in the industrial and scientific sectors, for example Engineering Talk

After initial discussions with the client who was looking for a Visual FoxPro system to distribute among various editors of the many web sites run by Pro-Talk. I proposed a system using ASP (Active Server Pages), ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) to run in a browser and interface to Visual FoxPro data tables, this solution resulted in a very cost effective system that can be run on any PC that has a browser and web server software installed that supports ASP.
Regent Carriage Services
Bookings System
This system consists of a database created by the client using Microsoft Access 2007, the client approached me to incorporate VBA programming to accomplish tasks that were not possible without programming.
Rail Professional
Customer/Contacts System
Rail Professional contacted me to develop a database system to keep track of their client companies and the contacts within those companies.

The system provides an easy to use interface with various reports to assist Rail Profesional with the distribution of their magazine.
Rail Professional Development
In-house databases & Online Competence Assessment System
Development of two in-house databases (one of which is for undertaking the tracking of people that the client has trained and the other database performs the tracking of each of the clients consultants project work activities, expenses etc)

Development of RPD Assure - Online Competence Assessment System
This system is currently in use recording and reporting competence assessments for the following companies:
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Bombardier
  • Chiltern Railways
  • London Overground Rail Operations Ltd
  • Rail Professional Development
  • Tyne and Wear Metro
More details…
Sea Containers
Database modifications
Sea Containers had an Access database in use in their Madrid office that required extensive updating to enable it's full potential.
South Essex Gymnastics Club
Members Database Enhancements
This project involved the enhancement of the South Essex Gymnastics Clubs existing Access 97 Database system to provide facilities to allow staff to record payments in real time.

In addition to recording payments, the enhancements provided the following:
  • The production of a printed receipt.
  • The ability to take payments for various activities, or equipment purchases.
  • Tracking and display of a members payment history.
  • The ability to make adjustments.
  • The ability to assign charges to attendees of a particular training session on mass.
  • The production of invoices.
  • Various management reports.
South & East Essex Training Group
Training Course Administration System
Design and development a training course administration system using Microsoft Access 2002.

It's key features are:
  • Data Tables holding information on Clients, Instructors, Courses, Invoices.
  • Printing of Course Notification paperwork for Client and Instructor.
  • Intelligent Address Label printing allowing the user to select a specific label to print on.
  • Invoice Printing.
  • Invoice Reporting.
  • Bulk or singular Course Attendance Certificate printing.
Thompson and Morgan
Media Management System.
Thompson and Morgan had a requirement for a system that could manage their vast amount of media, this media may take the form of many different files.

  • AI (Adobe Illustrator file)
  • AVI (Audio Video Interleave file)
  • EPS (Encapsulated Post Script file)
  • JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group file)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format file)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics file)
  • PSD (PhotoShop Document file)

We provided an intranet solution that handles all the management of Thompson and Morgan's media files.

One of the most important issues was that the system had to provide images with embedded IPTC data, we achieved this by embedding data for applicable fields in an SQL Server database into the image file at download time, thereby ensuring the IPTC data was up to date.
Total Crane Services
Web based safety certificate system.
Design and development of a web based system for the viewing and printing of crane and lifting equipment safety certificates. Re-programming of existing Access Database to provide data to web interface with a single click.
The Lamp Company
CMS – Content Management System : Website Navigation
Development of a back-end content management system to allows the client to maintain certain aspects of their website themselves.

Development of a novel cross-browser compatible website navigation system based on the theme of lamps on electric cables that rise and fall as the user mouse’s over them.
Virtual BM
Intranet based Sales Monitoring System
Development of an intranet based sales monitoring system with some time saving features.

  • Multi access levels, users are only offered relevant options.
  • Auto presentation of overdue data with one click client e-mailing.
  • Useful reporting facilities with clearly formatted client reports.
  • Clean simple interface.
Systems Analysis
Undertook analysis of a system written in Clipper (which is an old DOS based database programming language based on dBaseIII) to provide feedback to the client in respect of problems they were experiencing with their data.